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It’s all about reliability

When it comes to ride-on lawn mowers, Cox Mowers has a reputation of being the best product around, with its customers raving about the quality, and its Australian made!

Cox mowers are used across Australia by commercial businesses (landscapers, mowing contractors), residential property owners, as well as farmers.

Beryl and Alan Warne purchased a Stockman Series 3 C1632BS Side Discharge last month. The couple say it is strong and does a great job mowing the lawn at their residential property in New South Wales.

“It was actually my dad who got us onto the Cox ride-on mowers,” Beryl said. “Before we bought our new Cox, he gave us a Cox mower from the seventies. It was still going strong and we used it for about four years.”

“The mower was good but we needed a bigger one for our property.”

So when it came to getting a bigger mower to cater to their needs, it was a no brainer for Beryl and Alan that it would be a Cox.

“What can I say, it does a great job, plus the Cox local expert in our area was very helpful and provided us with a great service,” she said.

Meanwhile, another happy Cox owner for the past 15 years Kaylene Ryan says, the company’s mowers are the best. Kaylene owns a Cox Stockman New Era CR1704D (now the Stockman Pro).

“I have had no issues with the mower, and even if I did have any issues our local expert would be there to assist,” Kaylene said.

“Those cheaper mowers are rubbish. You pay for what you get, and if you buy something cheap it’s not going to do the job or last as long.”

One point of difference Kaylene noticed on the Cox when compared to mowers that were manufactured overseas, was the sturdiness and durability of the chassis.

“The imports twist and don’t last,” Kaylene said.

“With Cox you get a good mower, and you can’t beat reliability.”

Cox local expert from Macleans Motors on the north coast of NSW Peter Brossman described Cox lawn mowers as the livelihood of his business.

“It’s as simple as we are in a big grass growing area and the American mowers just don’t cut it,” Peter said.

“It is such a great mower that even my mechanics argue over who gets to work on a Cox machine.”

Macleans has been the number one Cox dealer in the area from 2000-2010, and in 2007 named number one Cox dealer in Australia.

From a commercial owners point of view, Geoff Barge from Jim’s Mowing in Lesmurdie, Western Australia says he likes the Cox ride-on mowers as it get the job done.

“The best feature of the Cox ride-on mowers is that it is sturdy and versatile and can be used on a range of different types of lawn – it is a quality machine,” Geoff said.