The Stockman Pro, which we designed and developed, is our premium range of mowers.Cox’s Stockman Pro range of mowers was designed to meet your needs. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a ride-on mower has been brought together in this range. From the legendary Cox heel/toe friction drive system to the ‘cut and keyed’ rigid chassis construction, one of the four models in this range will be perfect for your mowing needs.

Key features of the Stockman Pro include engine power – 21 HP – matched with 32” or 40” cutter deck widths, the rear catcher model features 21 HP that is reliably powered by Briggs & Stratton. Another feature is the easy action, grouped and colour coded controls make it a breeze for even ‘first timers’ to start mowing, confidently. Meanwhile, the cleverly designed, moulded ducting forces air directly to the engine fan for maximum intake ventilation even in dry, dusty conditions. Plus, specially designed exhaust vents dissipate engine heat efficiently.

The Stockman Pro has a formed and welded cutting deck for long life and to assist in reducing damage from thrown objects. The sloping bonnet and ergonomically positioned seating combines comfort, control – and a clear view of what lies ahead, so you’ll feel secure and in control. With counter-rotating, twin blades and direct, flow-through blast tunnel, Stockman Pro’s rear catchers cut, lift and collect more grass clippings – even when damp. You need never leave your seat to empty Stockman Pro’s large capacity catcher. One simple lever action dumps your clippings just where you want them.

5 comments on “STOCKMAN PRO

  1. Rex Hatton. malmsbury Victoria on said:

    10 years a go i bought a new “Cox Stockman” mower with a bumper and diferential for sharp corners. i used it for 3 years then sadly had to sell it as ive moved to Victoria. i miss it so much. that Mower was amazing. it pulled out trees,mowed grass 1.5mtrees tall, cleared bush growth without a mumour , it just mowed it without fail. i had a trailer built and its moved some very heavy things. i was fortunate to get the bumper bar as that saved me many times. once i fell off it and the cutters and mower just stopped. Cox is the best Ride on Mower in Australia and i dont understand why people in Australia buy lesser quality alternatives available when the best is Cox thats australin made. strong and tough with local support

  2. Armand Hamers on said:

    I own a ride-on model 8002G 28″
    It does the job it is supposed to do, but what irritates me is the oil leaking of the Briggs & stratton
    The americans have a lot to learn from the Japs how to make good engines, why don’t you use
    a those nice HONDA engines, less cleaning-up anyway.


  3. Mr Freeman on said:

    I have had my Cox 32inch with 13.5 hp Honda for nearly 20 years. It has been the most unbelievable piece of machinery that I have ever owned. It has mowed virgin scrub grass growing in clumps waist high. Turned rough wet growth almost into lawn. Pulled heavy loads and just been a delight to work with. The heel/toe operation is magnificent. The only problem I have had is that now the steering seems to slip and the local bloke can’t seem to fix it for longer than two cuts. I have since bought one of the larger plastic coated ‘tractors’ lounge chairs 42″ 22hp and 3 rotors. Very comfortable but I wouldn’t even ask it to cut what the old Cox can and still does. (I couldn’t bear to trade the old girl in.)

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